Couples Workshop Beyond Heartbreak

Beyond Heartbreak is a therapeutic two-day workshop for couples, who want to heal from betrayal/affairs

Has your relationship been affected by betrayal?

Have you been devastated by your partners infidelity?

Have secrets damaged the trust in your relationship?

Have you been unable to move on from your partners behaviours?

Has your faith and belief been blighted by lies?

Has your confidence been knocked by the discoveries?

Have doubts crept in? Has your peace of mind been compromised?


Then this workshop is for you

This workshop is designed to promote and assist couples seeking a path of healing & growth after the devastating and damaging heartbreak of affairs and betrayal. The workshop allows couples to explore the impact of the affair, gain understanding of the dynamics of the relationship and guides them toward making healthy changes for continued growth. It includes tools for healing in emotional, spiritual and sexual health.

This two day workshop will help the recovery process for couples who are committed to heal, repair and grow from the heartbreak of infidelity.


Couples who attend will:

  1. Gain insight and self-awareness
  2. Learn to change painful and destructive patterns
  3. Learn skills for creating greater intimacy
  4. Grow in mutual understanding
  5. Progress in recovery as a couple


Fee: Please contact us here for full details.

Location: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, 75 Harborne Road, Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3DH.

For dates of the next workshop, to join the workshop or for more information, please contact Cynthia Fogoe:

Phone 07958 427737 or e-mail: cynthia@cynthiafogoe.co.uk.

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