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Face to Face Counselling
In the Counselling sessions the client can explore various aspects of their life and feelings, talking about them freely and openly in a way that is rarely possible with friends or family. Bottled up feelings such as anger, anxiety, grief and shame can become very intense and Counselling offers an opportunity to explore them, with the possibility of making them easier to process and understand.
The Face to Face Counselling service is based at The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, 75 Harborne Road, Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3DH. These sessions are Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm.


Skype Counselling
Skype Counselling is the same as face-to-face Counselling, except it is carried out over the internet through video calling. The video callings via Skype are free. Skype can quickly and easily be installed to your PC, iPad, laptop or mobile phone. There are a number of reasons for Skype Counselling:


Telephone Counselling
Telephone Counselling is very convenient and can be carried out from the comfort of your own home or workplace. There is no travel time or travel costs with Telephone Counselling and it can easily be accommodated within a busy work or domestic schedule. Clients who are housebound, disabled or living in isolated communities may find access to telephone Counselling convenient and ideal.

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